Monday, June 24, 2013

A Feast and feasting day 主保,朵颐日

The haze situation is getting worse. It was caused by forest burning in Sumantera, Indonesia.

API (Air Pollution Index) in many cities are reaching or above danger level.

My wife and I left for Mantin early in the morning to attend the Feast Day celebration of St. Aloysius Church.

The air smelled acidic and visibility was poor (hazy).

The Feast Day Mass was celebrated by Fr. Augustine Li from Subang Jaya, con-celebrated by Fr. Raymond Augustine, the administrator of the church and Parish Priest of St. Theresa Church, Nilai.

The 8:00 am Mass was the highlight of the Feast day Triduum. It was attended by about 400 people consisting of local and outstation faithful, including foreign students from nearby colleges.

The liturgical celebrations was concluded with a procession of the Blessed Sacrament round the church compound, followed with a fellowship breakfast.

After the Feast Day celebration, we met up with Jenny, whom we knew for sometimes but meeting in person for the first time.

We were welcomed by her husband Marin and children to their home near the church.

We have to rush back home to welcome our old friends to our house at noon.

Teh brothers, our friends for more than 40 years, brought Bak Chang, roast pork and duck to have lunch together. We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and drinking

In the evening, we attended the wedding dinner of one of our Taichi members' daughter at a restaurant in Kajang.

It was a long feasting day for us。

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庆典结束后,我们会见了早已认识,但尚未见过面的该地教友Jenny。 她及丈夫Martin 热情的邀请我们到他们的家坐坐。他们还送给我们黄梨及大菠萝蜜。。。收获不少!







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