Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy birthday 生日快乐

It was a very busy past 2 weeks.

Helping children moving ...dismantling and assembling furniture ... tiring physical-challenged job. I am no longer "The Young One" used to be.

The weekend saw two important family events: a nephew's marriage and mother-in-law's 80th birthday.

My parents in law are blessed with good health, open mindedness and outgoing in their old age.

Both of them have no hypertension and diabetes. They have an appetite of a cow!

God blesses them with filial children too - four girls and a boy ... and many grand and great grand children.

 (More pictures in Facebook)


帮助孩子搬家 。。。拆,装家具,是非常体力挑战的工作,令人疲劳。我不再是当年的“年轻体壮”一丁。




天主也赐给他们孝顺的孩子 - 四个女儿及一个儿子,还有很多的孙及曾孙。


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