Tuesday, March 23, 2010


China's coolest, hottest vagrant on Internet

Astro Headline News most dress-explosive anchor

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Pauline said...

Why can't the hairstylist do something to her fringe or change her hairdo instead of putting a clip to prevent her hair from covering her left eye. I pity this newscaster.

听观者 said...


queen_of_bee said...

they need new image consultant!!! first was the hair, then the apparel. so kua-cheong the baju, like want to go "yum seng"

Simon Phun said...

she was a very sweet newscaster...but the dressing and hairdo is getting 'shock and awe'....and getting worse! For this pic, the hairdo and dress conflict so much...hoped she is not wearing slippers...

If it is her choice, she needs to consult an image consultant, if it is the idea of the Astro consultant, then the consultant needs to see a P consultant!

wa shi beh ta han liao!