Friday, March 26, 2010

A day of many stories 许多故事的一天

Received a call in the morning. A 1 1/2 year old toddler drank by mistake weedkiller bought by her parents. She was in critical condition.... tragic incident caused by the carelessness of parents.

As usual, caught in the notorious Federal Highway - AngkasaPuri traffic jam. Life is jam jam here, jam jam there... jam here jam there... but must go on, to live.

Heaped a sigh of relief while "parking" myself onto office chair. My office is not a great place, but sure is my peaceful enclave after an hour's drive.

Sr. Theresa called at about 12:15pm.

"Sister, I have visitors, will call you back...."

Philip and Jasmine were at my office.

The thunderstorm on Monday evening damaged the factory's electronic weighing monitor and CCTV system. Philip was here to check on the system for repair/replacement assessment to be submitted to insurance company.

Jasmine (above) is my supplier, she dropped in for a business visit.

Philip left for another appointment. Jasmine and I talked about surveillance system... insurance .... and life !

Then Jasmine shared on her life story...... a miracle story!

Jasmine was very ill one day when she was 16. She was diagnosed with acute Leukemia and transferred from Bukit Mertajam to University Hospital in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

For a month, her temperature hovering around 42 degree Celsius.... liver punctured, whole body blotted... and was kept in the ICU. Her mother, brother and sister, were by her side 24 hours a day, praying for divine blessings. They were members of Soka Gakkai (a Japanese branch of Buddhism). Doctor said she might not be able to go back to school even though if she pulled through.

During the ordeal, her breathing once stopped and she died-ed ! Miraculously, she was revived and lived.... Doctor made a life and death decision with the consent of her family, to go for chemo treatment. She survived and lived .... regained her health, continued her study after one year of resting.... to university, to work and married. Life moved on .....

Wow..what a story... (she told it in a more moving way ). A miracle is sitting in front of me today.... called for a celebration. I gave her a treat of Sg Buloh fish head curry (left), but she insisted to foot the bill.

Back to my office after lunch.

" Sister, sorry for returning your call late...!"

" I got work for you.."

"oooohh,what work?"

"can you be an interpreter (English to Chinese) at the Marian Congress on May 15 & 16..., they need many for the sessions"

"I knew about the congress...and as a legionary, I am supposed to attend too. But I have to attend my god-daughter's wedding in Kota Kinabalu on the same weekend ... (it was booked almost a year ago) . so ...."

Sister, sorry lah, you kaki gao dim lo!

A SMS came ...telling me that the 1 1/2 year old toddler had pull through the critical period ....

I also manged to get through Anderson and was informed that his son Fabian's corrective procedure on his hip bone at Kuala Lumpur Hospital yesterday was successfully.

OOh, what a day ...!

In the evening, I offered all my intentions at the Mass and Way of the Cross...

God, please bless the toddler and Fabian speedy recovery..... continue to bless Jasmine good health and happy life. May her courageous and extraordinary life saga inspire many to live life with hope and gratitude.

God bless us all!



























祈求天主保佑及祝福那小女孩及费比安快速复原。。。。 祈求天主继续降福及保佑洁敏,继续享受健康,快乐的生活,也祈望她的勇敢及生命的战斗,能够鼓励许多同样不幸的人,活的更有希望和感恩。




Jasmine said...

Hi Simon, you are definately a great story teller....eventhough i just simplified my experience sharing with you...yesterday was a great day for me too ;)

Simon Phun said...

Hope I told it correctly! Thanks for your sharing...and allowing me to share it with others.

PB said...

great life stories!I like.

Anonymous said...

看得出您在喘息!我也在喘息,還在為明天的會議喘息... (Oops!凌晨1.35am是今天了)!

Simon Phun said...

人叹息你也叹息。。。》》 少年不识愁滋味。。。还不快上楼,还不快上楼。。。快去睡觉!

溪水信女 said...

Uncle Simon,
Admire your speed of writing blog!!! zi4 tan4 bu4 ru2!
Your are great translator lah(can see from your bilingual blog mah!)
Ya, pls do not sign, my parents used to tell us: one sign! bad luck for 3 years woh!!!
Pls pray we can get a few translators for the Marian Congrssss... Hail Mary, full of grace...

Simon Phun said...

Sr...hope you can find that ONE ne!

溪水信女 said...

aiyoh! old already leh! SIGH not sign! wah, another bad luck for 3 years woh...take back the SIGH!!! Alleluia!