Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tan Sri Lim Leong Seng ,A humble great man 一个朴素的大人物

I meet him in official church functions, in hospitals and parishes.

He dresses simple. He talks simple. He greets me whenever he sees me, same as to others too. Irrespective you are a some-body or a no-body, he extends warm handshake to you with a warm smile.

He is Tan Sri Lim Leong Seng, our Archdiocesan Financial Controller. He is more than ninety years old, still healthy and active. He is a founding board member of Hospice Malaysia, Assunta Hospital and many others educational institution, associations, business and charity organisations. He is a former Director-General of Inland Revenue.

He is a humble, simple and kind man. The welfare of priests is at his heart. He visits every sick priest, young or old, without fail.

I met him at the 5-priest ordination ceremony. He prefers no special treatment, just be with the community.

May God continues to bless this good man with good health and energy, to continue his services to the community and the country.

Tan Sri Lim ( 3rd from left, in white shirt)

我在很多教会的场合和他相遇,也在医院 、堂区见到他。


他就是丹斯里林良成,我们总教区的财政管理人。他已年过九十,但依然很健康及活跃。他是马来西亚癌病协会及亚松大医院的创会董事局成员。除此之外,他还是许多教育机构 、公会 、商业 、慈善机构的成员。他也是一位所得税局前任总监。

他是一位谦虚 、俭朴及善心的人。他对神父们的福利,照顾细微。他会亲自拜访任何一位生病进院的神父。


愿天主继续的保佑及祝福这位仁慈的老人家,赐他良好的健康及力量,他能够继续的为团体 、社会及国家服务。

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