Monday, March 1, 2010

Kajang new year carnival 加影嘉年华

ABC store maned by All Beautiful Chabor

Yesterday, the 15th day of the Chinese New Year, was the last day of our new year celebrations. It was Yuan Xiao Jie - the first full moon night of the new year!

And yesterday, our Taichi group participated in the annual Chinese New Year old street carnival fair organised jointly by the Ulu Langat (Kajang) Chinese clan and business associations from 10:00 am to 111:00 pm. This was the seventh annual carnival and the second time our Taichi group participated in.

It was a very very hot day (36'C), our ABC (air batu campor) store was one of the most popular stores at the carnival. Besides we sold also some specialty food items - salted chicken, drunken chicken, vegetarian dishes .....

Many exciting programmes lined up right from the morning till the end at 11:00 pm.

In the evening, the street transformed into an open air theater.... more singing, lion and dragon dances, cultural dances and acrobatic performances....

Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid graced the carnival at night.


Chicken lady

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当天的天气非常的炎热,大约在摄氏36度以上,所以我们开的ABC 冰水档,成了最受顾客光顾的档位。除了冰水,我们还售卖独特的咸鸡,醉鸡,斋菜等美食。我们档位的收入,将捐赠给慈善机构或善事之用。




queen_of_bee said...

"ABC store maned by All Beautiful Chabor" -- good one!

Simon Phun said...

sure feeling good neh.... but i don't know whether "chicken lady" having the same feeling....:D

chicken lady said...

圣家堂太极班多谢有一位出色的“鸡老板” 领导。
哈哈 !

Simon Phun said...