Saturday, May 4, 2013

Remembering Alex 怀念Alex


Alex (洪太保), 49岁,于四月二十三日,因肺癌在家乡峇冬丁宜与世长辞,留下太太惠蓉(Chirstine)及三位孩子。


Alex 及太太和孩子住在沙登地区,是圣家堂的教友,所以我们有好多人北上峇冬丁宜,包括加影本堂主任赫佐治神父及堂区领袖,亲身慰问及哀悼,一些专程上去参加了他的葬礼



我们将永远记得Alex 那令人心暖的笑容,亲和的友善。他是我们团体的一位好兄弟,家庭的好丈夫及好父亲,



Alex, 我们永远记得你,怀念你。愿你灵魂安息主怀。阿门。

( Alex 的灵前守夜及葬礼录影)

It was heart-breaking pain for us.

Alex Ang (49) passed away on 23/4/2013 at his home town Permatang Tinggi, leaving behind his wife Christine and three children. He died of lung cancer.

His untimely demise is an unbearable and crushing pain for his family and friends as well.

Alex and Christine are members of the Holy Family Parish. They stay in Serdang area.

Many from our parish, including Parish Priest Fr. George and parish leaders, traveled a round trip of 700 kms to pay last respect to him and convey condolences to the family. Many attended his funeral which was held on Saturday, May 26.

We pray to Almighty God for his mercy, bring Alex into eternal rest.

We also pray for Christine and children, that God will protect and guide them, grant them courage and strength, together with the care and love from the community, be courageous and strong to face the future ahead.

We will always remember the warm smile and friendliness of Alex. He is a beloved member of our community, a loving husband and father.

He is a great motivator and team builder.

He constantly showing affection and appreciation to his wife and children. Two hours before he died, he said to his wife: " It is a great blessing that I know Jesus ..."!

Alex, you are always with us and in our mind. May your soul rest in Peace of the Lord. Amen.

(Video on Alex's wake and funeral )

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