Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vote by conscience 依据良心投票

After much inner struggle, I am not able to pass my conscience ... I have to say NO !

I have intended to attend election rallies organised by both sides of political divide, to hear different views and styles from different speakers.

I was informed by a friend to attend a rally by MCA (BN coalition partner) at a well known restaurant -- free food, free gifts and lucky draw for expensive prices.

For BN, especially MCA, election rallies no longer be held in town halls, open fields and community centers. It is usually held at restaurants, or organised tented dinners with free flow of food, drinks, gifts and prizes.

They use money to buy votes. Sources of money?

Very much I would like to go, but dinner, gifts are just too great an insult to my dignity and belief. It is too degrading and disgusting to step into the trap set by thieves and immoral robbers.

Why not a straight forward open air rally? town hall rally? Because they are afraid of empty seats and lukewarm crowd.

In every state, the BN are using dinner, gifts, cash to buy the hearts of voters.

The ruling coalitions simply invite voters to eat in the many "appointed" food stall to eat, free !!!

Prime minister Najib is making promises after promises, giving cash handouts daily to buy votes. I believed, on the eve of polling day, he would have left with underwear only.

That is the situation of our country -  with the promises of cash, projects, grants and handouts by the PM, the country would be deeper indebted, and like Najib, left with underwear, worse still, a poked hole-filled one -  a heavy indebted nation. 

In Penang, the BN supported 1 Malaysia Charity was holding street dinner daily. A mile-long street dinner was held recently, about 200 food stalls were set up, providing anyone and everyone who walked in, with free flow of food, beer, drinks and gifts.

Everyday, voters are invited to stalls and restaurant to eat and eat and eat and eat !!!

Are we voters can easily be bought with dinner and gifts? Are we "cheap"? where are our dignity, principle and belief ? 

Is our future are all about eating? food? gifts? cash handouts?

The 13th general election would be billed as the most corrupted, dirtiest election in history.

And making history also:

1. Former Inspector General of Malaysia, Musa Hasan has joined oppositions Pakatan Security Advisory Council.
2. Former army chief General Mohd Hashim Hussein has joined opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR- People's alliance) and stand as a candidate for Johor Baru Parliament constituency.
3. Former BN Chief Minister of Selangor Mohammad Taib has joined the opposition Pakatan Rakyat
4. MCA president Chua Soi Lek did not contest in this general election, making him the butt of jokes in every election rally.
5. Tamrin Ghafar, son of former Deputy PM Ghafar Baba revealed that May 13 racial riot was an inner coup of UMNO to topple then Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. The coup was planned by UMNO leaders including Mahathir. They blamed Lim Kit Siang, the opposition leader then, to be the instigator of the riot. Tamrin said that he was told by his father, and also by Tunku Abdul Rahman and Gazali Shaffie.
6. The latest being the indelible ink used on polling day, can be cleaned with detergent and solvent. This was discovered by military and police personnel who had cast their postal votes 2 days ago. A righteous army camp commandant lodged a police report on the ink. The Election Commission announced that it was because the polling officers did not "shake the bottle" before use ... what a dumb and suspicious answer.
7. Many foreigners, mostly labourers, would decide the faith of our country. From illegal immigrants, they are "drafted" to become citizens, then voters within hours. Their votes sealed the faith of the country ....

So I opted for 2 rallies by the oppositions, one in Kajang and one in Sg. Long, a township half an hour away.

The opposition rallies not only provided no food and drinks,  instead, the organiser appealed to all the attendees to donate money towards their election funding.

Yet, their rallies are well attended by thousands of people, as many as 50 thousands to 70 thousands in some places, and raised more than a quarter of a million Ringgit.

The oppositions are not complacent on the big support from the electorate. They warned that the ruling coalition have many dirty tricks up their sleeves.

The dirtiest and most potent being the hundreds of thousands of dubious voters -  foreigners being one of the blocks of dubious voters.

To remove a corrupted entrenched power, besides voters, we need the help of Divine forces of Justice and Light.

"God the Almighty, hear us, help us, be with us on our polling day. May your forces of Justice and Light be with the people, destroy the evil and corrupted power, grant us a peaceful, just and fair election, to a bright, just and peaceful future. Amen. "








为什么不就举行简单的露天群众大会?民众大会堂集会? 因为他们害怕见到很多的空椅子,冷漠的群众。




可怜的是,这确实是我国目前的状况。首相承诺更多的现金分派,工程及拨款, 我们的国家将会负债更多,就如纳吉,只剩下底裤了。。更糟的是,是一条满是破洞的底裤 -负债累累。







1. 前任国家总警长慕沙哈山,已经接受成为反对党民联的“安全咨询委员会”的成员。
2. 前任国家陆军总参谋哈欣将军,已经加入民联,成为新山的国会候选人。
3. 前任雪兰莪国阵的州务大臣莫哈末,加入了民联。
4. 马华总会长蔡细历,没有参加这届的大选,成为了反对党集会的必谈笑柄。
5. 国阵前任(已故)副首相嘉化的儿子谭林透露,五一三种族暴动,是巫统内部自己策划的,前任首相马哈迪是魁首之一,他们的目前是要推翻当时的首相东姑阿都拉 曼(国父)。他们诬指当时的反对党领袖林吉祥是幕后策划者。谭林说,这是他爸爸给他讲的,这还包括东姑及其他巫统领袖给予证实。
6. 最新的时件是有关第一次使用的大选不褪色点墨,是可以被洗脱的。这是发生在那些两天前投邮寄选票的军警人员所透露的。一位有正义感的兵营营长为此事,向警方报案。选举委员会的回应是:因为使用时,没有把墨汁摇均!这是蠢蛋的答案,也令人怀疑。
7. 这也将被记载进入历史:我国的前途,将有外劳决定。 国阵政府引入了好多的外劳,从非法外劳,到成为马来西亚公民,再成为一位有资格的选民,只需数个小时,我们的将来,就由他们给定局下来。





最有杀伤力及最肮脏的伎俩就是那些成千上万的非法/可疑选民 - 外劳就是其中的一组非法选民了。




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