Sunday, May 19, 2013

Holy Spirit , Legion of Mary 圣神,圣母军

Today is Pentecost, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, it signifies the birth of the Church.

It is also Legion Day, a special day for the Legionaries marking the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church.

I am a legionary for more than 30 years. It is sort of a personal achievement for me.

For the past 30 years, I attended not less than 1200 times weekly meeting (taking consideration of many days of absence) ... at least for my hard-working !

We held a photos and magazines exhibitions, giving out leaflets and prayer cards.

Parish Priest Fr. George is very supportive of the organisation and expressed thanks and appreciation of good works done by all legionaries of language groups.

Currently we have an English and Tamil praesidium (group) each, and 2 Chinese-speaking praesidium.

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Ye! we are the legionaries 嘢!我们是圣母军



我参加圣母军已经有30年了,多少也算是一个个人的成就。过去的30年里,我参加了不少个1200次的周会 (扣除一些缺席的日子)。所以没有功劳,也有苦劳!




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