Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The 13th General Election result is a foregone conclusion, despite many disputes and tributes. Najib had formed his Cabinet.

The opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) refused to accept the outcome in total, and accused the EC (Election Commission) of frauds and irregularities.

The people in the EC, headed by its sneaky and slimy head (pic below), must have minds like the thieves and robbers. They constantly thinking and scheming ways to cheat, rob and manipulate the election, to ensure a ruling Barisan Nasional (BN)'s victory.

For example, the delible indelible ink.It is supposed to last at least for 3 days but many voters reported the ink can be washed clean at home with normal detergent after casting their votes. I am one of them.

Lying without eyes blinking (A Chinese saying)

The EC's explanations ( at various occasions):

1. Election officers did not shake bottle well before use.
2. It doesn't matter how long it lasts, but at least deterring the voters from voting again on the same day.
3. Certain ingredients were removed for Halal use in Malaysia, thus affecting the quality.
4. Even with finger washes clean, traces of ink can still be found on the finger. (Need forensic expert to be stationed at the polling station to prove this ?)
5. The Silver Nitrate content was limited by Health Ministry, so it affects the quality also.
6. The ink was too long in Police stations for safe keeping, thus affects the quality.

The EC using different answer at different occasion when cornered ... lying without eyes blinking, really profiiii !!

The PR are in the process of collecting evidence to bring the EC to court over frauds and irregularities.

They are organising huge rallies in many cities to drum up support from the people.

On the other hand, the BN, although won the election with a simple majority,  was blaming the Chinese for its less satisfactory poll results.

Najib blamed it on "Chinese Tsunami".

Ali Rustam, the guilty vote buying UMNO leader and ex-chief  minister of  Melaka, blamed the "ungrateful Chinese" for his loosing the parliamentary seat, thus dashed his federal minister-ship dream.

Utusan Malaysia, the UMNO's organ daily, in its usual racist style, headlined "What more Chinese wants?"

"The Chinese was misled by the oppositions ..." (Chinese are dumb fellows, with no mind of their own)

An ex-Federal Judge warmed:"...the Malay will take revenge " ( a threat ?)

The new Home Minister Zahid told those who were not happy with the Malaysian " simple majority wins" system, to migrate overseas, Chinese included.

Chinese has been told umpteen times to "go back to China" by extremist  and racist Malay.

Yes, it is Chinese bashing time. It is the racist labeling other racists! ( we saw Christian bashing coming! )

MCA, the party supposedly representing Chinese, suffered a heavy loss and declared that its members will not hold any governmental posts, including cabinet minister posts.

The most-disliked party head Chua Soi Lek is making a big gamble (big threat too) that will see his party going on a self-destructive mode. He is leading his party to "Holan" ( means damnation)

His " Chinese against Chinese", "Hudud" laws rhetoric showed that he is out of touch, out of new idea and a bankrupt politician.

It is tough times ahead for Chinese who gallantly and defiantly said NO to corruption, in-justice, unfair policies, inequality, racist politics and religious persecutions.( Same to many Malay and Indian voters who did the same)

The Chinese, together with Malay and Indian of like-mind,  has made a choice and shall stand firm to defend our rights.

Malaysia is our our motherland. We shall keep her sacred and clean from all sins and evils of racist and corrupted politicians.

We are ready for rough times ahead !

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