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Facing reality 既成的事实

纳吉今天宣誓成为新任首相 Najib sworn in as new Prime Minister

The official result of 13th general election: Barisan Nasional (BN) obtained 133 parliamentary seats, Pakatan Rakyat (PK- People’s alliance) obtained 89 seats. (Total 222 parliamentary seats)

BN won with a simple majority and will form the next government. BN also wrestled back Kedah state which they lost in 2008.

PK maintained the control of 3 states: Penang, Selangor and Kelantan, gained extra 7 parliamentary seats and more state seats than 2008.

PK refused to accept the result based on reasons of many irregularities, vote buying, suspicious electoral rolls were discovered during the election. They will take further action such as protest rally, meeting with the EC (Election Commission) and bringing it to court.

Whatever it is, it is a stark reality that BN has won.

Basically, the Chinese community has a firm mind to vote for change, thus sided with the oppositions. Contrarily, the Malays at the last minute, decided to fall back unto UMNO, thus affecting the performance of PAS and Party Keadilan, rendered the vision of federal government change unfulfilled.

However in Kelantan, voters continue to support the Islamic system of government by returning PAS to power.

The two advance states, Penang and Selangor, with the more matured voters, basing on wisdom, they rejected money politics, promises of all sorts, corruption and abuses, to return PK state government to power in a bigger margin of votes.

One man’s gain is another man’s loss. PK’s gain, especially by component party DAP,  is MCA’s loss. MCA was practically wiped out in many states.

7 ministerial candidates from MCA were defeated in this election. Already there are calls for the head of unpopular MCA President Chua Soi Lek.

Although BN was able to form the next government, it gained only 48.6 % of votes, whereas PK gained 51.4 %.

Prime Minsiter Najib blamed the worse BN loss in history on “Chinese Tsunami” which means Chinese rejected BN and embraced the oppositions.

MCA President Chua Sok Lek also sang the same tune. Chua also said the present situation has become   “Malay in power, Chinese in opposition” and a “ 2-race system”.

Chua said that no MCA member would hold governmental posts including cabinet minister. He wants to see how the Chinese would suffer without Chinese voices in the government.

This tactic is a double-sided sword.  To a political party used to enjoy power and benefits, without government portfolio, would be like a tree without roots to convey water, will die of a slow death.
Chua himself is a good example of a party boss without a cabinet post …. His political life is dying!

The defeated former Chief Minister of Melaka Mhd. Ali Rustam put the blame of his loss squarely on the Chinese for being “ungrateful”. He was found guilty by his own party of vote buying during party election few years ago.

This was exactly the reason of their own demise: They do not know what they are talking, because they do not know what the Chinese community wants !

Chinese community are not keen to play racial politic, not interest to see “Chinese VS Chinese”. What the Chinese wants are also the desire of other communities too.

The Chinese wants a clean government ( no corruption, no money politic), fair and equality (No racial discrimination, cronyism and nepotism), independent Judiciary (no manipulation from the executive branch, respect of human rights), freedom of religion, equality in education, freedom of speech, fair and clean election and so on,

All are basic rights and values. It is not about race. That simple.
To make matter worse, they said the Chinese were misled and instigated by the oppositions to oppose the BN. This is a great insult to the wisdom of the Chinese, and at the same time, exposed their stupidity and ignorance.

They are blinded not to see that more than half of the Malaysian voters discarded them, not Chinese only.  As Lim Kit Siang, veteran opposition leader said “ it’s Malaysia Tsunami, not Chinese Tsunami”.

So do not ‘racialize” the election result and distract the people from their corruption and tainted election.

In kajang, my state constituency, MCA candidate was handing out cash, gifts and free dinner daily. Yet he lost to an outsider PK candidate by more than 6000 votes (15%), and Malay contributed 50 % of his winning.

Look at Selangor, the PK-governed state. Despite Najib’s great effort and many promises of cash, projects and benefits inducement,  the state government retained power with a bigger margin than 2008. The multi-ethnic population rejected BN, not Chinese alone.

It was the wind of change, the desire of getting rid of corruption, abuse of power that people rejected the BN.

If the MCA leaders, especially in Kajang, do not see these, and still singing in tune with their President, claiming “ the 2-race system”, “Malay in power, Chinese in opposition”, I suggest it is better for them to rear chicken than continue with their political life!

Najib will now have to realize and accept the fact that people wants change … not his “transformation” rhetoric. We should wait and see whether the next 5 years, Najib would pursue a more open and reconciliatory stand, or a retaliatory path of racial politics.

There will be no Chinese politicians in his cabinet. However, he can still bring in non-politician Chinese professionals or community leaders into his cabinet in order to substantiate his idea of moderate and a PM for all.

As for us Chinese, the current post-election situation demands us to be courageous, bite the bullet, face up to the challenges ahead.

It is time for us to stand up to the age old threat of MCA: no representative in government. We have the support of more than half of the population with us.  

Politicians may come and go, but Malaysia is our country, we are here to stay and we shall prevail!

What does Chinese wants?
Chinese wants a fair, just and stable country. That's all.


大选的官方成绩正式公布:『国阵』获得 133 国会议席,反对阵线『民联』获得 89 席。(国会总共有222席位)


民联这届大选在三个主要州属:槟城,雪兰莪及吉兰丹保住政权。另外,他们比2008年,多斩获 7个国会议席及更多的州议席。


无论如何,这已经是一个事实 - 国阵继续执政。

大致上,华社已经非常的坚定立场,要改变,要换政府,所以都把票投给反对党。相反的,马来社会在最后一分钟,大部分决定回到他们熟悉的巫统怀抱,导致民联的两个成员 - 公正党和伊斯兰党的成绩欠佳,使到 “五月五,换政府” 的行动失败。





『国阵』虽然继续执政,但他们所得到的选票,只是48.6 %,而民联则获得51.4%,所以,国阵不是一个受到大多数人民支持的政府。


蔡细历还说这是“两族阵线” ,“马来人在朝,华人在野”的状况。他说马华不会加入内阁及接受官职,看看没有华人代表在内阁说话及传达讯息的下场,到底是凄惨到什么地步。















很简单的,华人要的是一个公平,安定的国家 。。。



世界是如此的小 我们註定无处可逃


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