Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hot and exciting day 酷热及有趣的一天

It is a very hot day with outdoor temperature reaching 36° C. , and it is an exciting day for Christian, our Mexican visitor. 

We have India breakfast - Roti Canai, Newspaper Tosai, Poori, Curry Puff and Samosa and Teh Tarik. 

Christian loved them all !!!

After a hearty breakfast,  we went sightseeing at Putrajaya, the administrative capital of Malaysia. 

The weather is hot but great for taking pictures. 

For lunch, I brought Christian to eat Ipoh chicken rice. However, he preferred roast chicken, roast pork and Char Siu. And he loved them all !!!!

It is time to say goodbye to Christian because we are not able to accompany him for the next two days. We are going to Sandakan tomorrow morning to attend the 21st Malaysia, Brunei, Singaproe and Taiwan  Annual Legion Fellowship.

We sent Christian to his hotel in Kuala Lumpur and bidding him goodbye. 

He will continue his stay in KL and fly off to Hong Kong on May 30 enroute to Beijing. 

Have a pleasant stay in KL and safe journey to Hong Kong and China. 

God bless you Christian and we will miss you.  

(more pictures in Facebook)

 今天天气酷热,户外气温达到 36° C. 我们的墨西哥客人也享受了刺激有趣的一天。

我们带他到印度餐馆享用印度早餐 - 煎饼,报纸多萨,普里,咖哩派夫,还有印度拉茶。他样样都喜爱,吃得过瘾。

吃过了丰富的早餐,我们到布城观光。布城Putrajaya 是马来西亚的行政首府,所有的政府部门,都坐落在此。


过后,我带Christian 到怡保白斩鸡饭店用午餐,但他比较喜欢烧鸡,烧肉及叉烧。他也是喜欢极了。

午餐过后,是向Christian 说再见的时候了,因为往后的两天,他仍然留在吉隆坡,但我们将在明天早上,前往沙巴州的山打根,参加第21届马新汶台华文圣母军交流会。




愿天主祝福他 。。。虽然短短两天的相处,他给我们留下了美好的印象,我们会很想念他! 


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