Sunday, September 7, 2008

Farewell 惜别

It was an unconventional farewell.

The Spiritual Director of "The 3-Organisation" (Constantini Research Center, Cahaya Puri Holdings Sdn Bhd and Mustard Seed Evangelisation Center), Rev. Fr. John Baptist Kang, would be leaving for Taiwan to take up his new post as the Director of the Seminarian Training in Taipei.

The three organisations held a farewell and handing over ceremony on Saturday at 7:00 pm at the Mustard Seed Center in PJ.

Besides a fellowship dinner, Fr. Kang conducted an 1 1/2 hour silent prayer-reflection session for the 15 members from the three organisations.

Bro. Lawrence Ng, a CDD seminarian, will take over from Fr. Kang.

We wished Fr. Kang God's choicest blessing and protection in his new posting. And to Bro Lawrence, happy to be working with you.

Body food 身体食粮

Spiritual food 精神食粮


三机构 (恒研心,光仁控股有限公司和芥子福音传播中心)指导神师江奇星神父,将在本月十三号,到台北担任主徒会修生的管理神师。三机构在星期六(6-9-08)晚上,假八打灵芥子园举办了一个惜别、神师交替仪式。




Handing-over (The Net)
Predecessor (right) and successor
卸任 (右)及接任神师

Successor of Jesus ?


Br Lawrence Ng CDD said...

Dear Simon;
thanks for your sharing!
but my English name is
Br Lawrence Ng Tai Wah,CDD

God bless

Br Lawrence Ng CDD

MSEC17 said...

Thank you brother Simon, for writing on this gathering with beautiful memories.
I like the way you wrote it,
you found the uniqueness of this gathering.
And the photo you choose is nice!
Your blog is so special with both Mandarin & English language. Then you'll be the bridge between 3-organizations and english society. hehe...
Tks & God bless!
may you have a blessed friutful day!
jane, liang miao qin

MSEC17 said...

Infact i like this gathering too!
it's the best way of farewell......pray together, share food in physical, friendship and spiritual.

Simon Phun said...

oops..Bro Lawrence aka Da Hua, sorry ma..first time met you le.. I shall correct it.

We have time to get acquainted later.

To Jane, thanks for your sharing .