Saturday, September 20, 2008

Also good news 也是好消息

I went for my scheduled appointment with my Orthopedic Prof. Dr. Kuan at University Malaya Specialist Center (UMSC), a private wing of Hospital University Malaya.

Good news and bad news.

The good news - Dr. Kuan was happy with the symptomatic observation. I do not have much pain. No painkiller or anti-inflammation drug needed. I am exercising (cycling) which is good for the muscle.

The bad news - The cartilage of my right knee has worn out further. It is almost bone touching bone.

Conclusion: My old knee is still usable. Old knee is better than an artificial knee, so try to last till 60 years old. Come back for check up and evaluation in six months time.

Action - Adeline, my wife and I went for a Korean BBQ dinner to celebrate on the good news. As for the bad news, eat it with a lot of Korean Kimchi.


有好消息, 也有坏消息。

好消息 - 关医生对我的病症观察非常满意。我很少觉得痛,没吃消炎止痛药。我有骑脚车做运动,对肌肉很有帮助。

坏消息 - 我的右膝盖软骨更进一步被磨损, 几乎要骨头擦骨头了。

结论 - 我的老骨头还可以用。损坏的“原装”骨头,会好过新的人造骨头,所以,尽可能用到六十岁。六个月后再回来复诊及评估。

行动 - 我和太太及女儿去吃韩国烧烤晚餐来庆祝好消息。至于坏消息,把它配上更多的韩国泡菜,一同吃掉。

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