Friday, September 19, 2008

Good news 好消息

Teresa Kok has been released this afternoon around 1:00 pm.

I think the Government has achieved its aim, not that the "threat to national security" has been neutralized, but a clear message has been sent: I can pick and choose, select at will who to detain ! so don't mess with me. But, please go, I shouldn't have arrested you in the first place.

Though the early release of Teresa is expected, but damage to all parties has been done.

The Government has made her a Hero. Abdullah will regret this action and its implications for a long time.


我想政府已经达到了拘留她的目的,不是 “对国家安全的威胁” 已被化解,而是一个很清楚的讯息已经传达了,那就是: 我可以随意拘留任何一个人,你们不要来惹我. 但是,你走吧,我本来就不应该拘捕你。



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Simon Phun said...

Light has triumphed over darkness, justice prevailed.