Friday, September 12, 2008

a sad day of the country 国家悲伤的一天

All signs pointing to its coming, but the speed is a surprise.

Hot on the heel of the announcement yesterday that the Government would use the existing laws, including ISA against owners of blogs and websites found spreading news and touching on sensitive issues like religion and race, the Police has today arrested controversial blogger and owner of Malaysia Today (website) Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA).

The Police also arrested Sin Chew Daily reporter Miss Tan Hoon Cheng (right) in Penang. She was the reporter who reported Ahmad Ismail's alleged statement of Chinese Malaysian are squatters.

While Tan was only doing her job as a reporter reporting news and events, no such similar action was being taken as yet against Ahmad Ismail, the person who made the statement.

Yesterday, show cause letters were also sent by the Home Affair Ministry to three newspaper: The Sun, Sin Chew Daily News and Suara Keadilan.

Many quarters feared this is the prelude to "Operation Lalang II". More arrests are expected to follow.

Today is a sad day for Malaysia.

p/s***Member of Parliament, Teresa Kok has been arrested under ISA tonight.






很多政治人物,维权人士担心,这是茅草行动二 的前奏。相信会有更多的人被逮捕。


后记*** 国会议员郭素沁也在今晚,在内安法令下被逮捕。

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