Monday, September 29, 2008

the learning journey 学习之旅 (2)

This was my third visit to Hong Kong. For whatever reason of my visit, there was one thing I must do, eat roast goose drumstick and Dim Sum. This trip was no different even though was a goodwill visit to the local Church.

The schedule was very tight. Immediately upon arrival in Hong Kong, we proceeded to the Hong Kong Diocesan Pastoral Central to visit three diocesan body, namely: Commission for Laity, Justice & Peace Commission and Commission for marriage and family.

We exchanged information through report and Q&A sessions.

The visit was arranged by the Executive Secretary of the Commission for Laity Ms Amilia Kuan (right). She was friendly, thoughtful and helpful. She accompanied us throughout our three days visit.

Our first day's activities ended late evening. No goose drumstick and Dim Sum.

(will share about the organisations/commissions later)







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