Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The learning journey 学习之旅 (3)

The second day started early. We have breakfast in the hotel, so no Dim Sum today. Alas, second day in Hong kong without Dim Sum !

Today we were going to the Diocesan Center next to the Cathedral, which housed many diocesan organisations and commissions.

We visited :
1. Diocesan Catechetical Center (DCC)
2. The Catholic News (Kong Kao Po)
3. Diocesan Audio Visual Center
4. Caritas Social Care
5. Caritas Family Service

DCC Director Amelia Lau

I was most impressed by the Audio Visual Center. It staffed with many professional technical staff and modern equipment. It put to shame our KL Archdiocesan Communication Center, which equally well staff and funded in its own big building. It is like comparing an Arabian stallion to an ass, literally. I wondered when our Bishops went to Hong Kong, they must be wearing dark dark glasses and patronised the toilets only. Compared with Hong Kong, our toilets are bigger because we have big land and space. We are proud of it!

We were briefed by the AV Center Director, Dr. Yung (pic right). The Hong Kong Diocesan AV Center produced a DVD monthly with pastoral theme, such as St. Paul the Apostle, Eucharist... and so on, to be distributed to all parishes in the diocese. As for our own Communication Center, it was famously known to produce calender yearly late and on sale at the end of December or January only. Besides the calender, I saw nothing useful coming to my parish, or other parishes as well.

Dr. Yung will be coming to Malaysia in the middle of October. I am meeting him to discuss copy right for DVD production and distribution in Malaysia.

Our second day's activities ended late. However, few of us have the opportunity to have roast duck and local dishes for dinner. No goose drumstick... sold out! So I have no Dim Sum and goose drumstick on the second day in Hong Kong. But I am satisfied with the roast duck, char siu and roast pork.

It was the last night in Hong Kong, so a few of us decided to "roam the street". Stephen of Singapore said he would like to have HongKong tongsui (dessert). After some searching, we found one very cosy dessert shop. Josehp Lim, our KL Chairman said eating tongsui together was the most happy time.



1. 教区教理中心(DCC)
2. 公教报编辑部
3. 教区影视中心
4. 明爱社会关怀部
5. 明爱家庭服务部

Catholic Kong Kao Po Deputy Editor-in-chief, Peter Leung (2nd left)

我印象最深刻的是教区影视中心。它有着许多专业的技术员工及现代的仪器设备。吉隆坡总教区也有本身的传播中心,也是有雇用专业员工及丰足的资金,且拥有本 身建筑物,但相形之下,它的表现令人汗颜。这就如一匹阿拉伯种马和一头驴子的相比。我倒是很好奇,我们的主教们,到香港教区探访或公办时,是戴著很黑很黑 的墨镜吗?他们只会到厕所而已?当然我们的厕所因有很宽的土地和空间,一定比香港的厕所来的大。这也是可以赢以为荣!





We have roast duck, and Hong Kong famous Tong Shui(dessert) also...


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