Thursday, October 2, 2008

The learning journey 学习之旅 (4)

The last day in Hong Kong. Few of us decided must have Dim Sum. So we skip breakfast at the hotel and have Dim Sum at a nearby restaurant.

The Dim Sum tasted alright but most important was the feeling of the atmosphere of Hong Kongites morning habit of yam cha (drinking tea with Dim Sum).

After our Dim Sum breakfast, we packed our luggage to leave for Macau. Before proceeding to the harbour, we stopped at the Diocesan book shop at the Catholic Center. It looked impressive. However, besides the religious books, statues reminding us this was a Catholic-run bookshop, the sales personnel and shop staff did not make us feel the same.

We left Hong Kong by 4:00 pm ferry and arrived at our Macau hotel one hour later. It was situated away from the city center at a residential area. This gave us an opportunity to have a feel of the lives of Macau's local community.

The first stop of our visit was the Diocesan Youth Pastoral Center. We have a meeting with the youths and toured the impressive center catering solely for young people. It was equipped with library, meeting rooms, kitchenette and activities facilities.

The meeting ended at about 10:00 pm. We decided to go for a night "pilgrimage" to St. Mark's Square. It was situated inside a grand complex with hotels, canals, shops, cafes, and the heart of the complex is, do not be so naive, the Casino.

Yes, it is the newest Casino complex in Macau, The Venetian. It consists of many wings with many squares and canals. It uses the names of saints to name after the squares. St. Mark is one of them. The artificial blue sky covering the squares and canals, gives you the illusion of bright day light.

Pictured at St. Mark's.

The artificial blue sky makes it a city never sleep.







The Venetian, Macau.
For sightseeing only. Gambling will doom you.


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