Friday, October 3, 2008

The learning journey 学习之旅 (5)

The second day in Macau, we visited the Diocesan Social Communications Center which is housed in a cinema. It is a commercial cinema run by the Center aims to provide families with family entertainment and also screens popular first-run films for tourists and residents as a source of income for the media apostolate.

We were brief by its Director Kevin Kwan. It has a broadcasting division, production division and social and pastoral communication division. I really malu of our Communication Center, again, the comparison of Arabian horse and the ass was applicable.

在澳门的第二天,我们拜访了设在一间戏院的教区社区传播中心。这戏院是由该中心管理,提供家庭娱乐影片及流行的首轮影片,赚取收入来推动这个传媒工作。中心主任Kelvin Kuan 兄弟为我们介绍了该中心的结构及操作情形。这中心设有广播部,节目制作部,还有牧民及社会通讯部。我确是又为我的教区传播中心,感到丢人,骏马和笨驴的比喻可以在此再次引用。


Later at the Bishop's Chancery, we held meeting with the Diocesan Laity Association consisting of representatives from all 5 parishes in Macau. We were treated to a sumptuous lunch of Chinese and Portuguese dishes and the famous Portuguese tarts.

The authentic local Portuguese Tarts



The Bible Society was one of the most active organisations in Macau. The Society not only active in promoting Bible knowledge and courses in the diocese but also reaching out to other Bible societies / organisations throughout the world. In fact, three members will be coming to Malaysia with us to meet up with the Little Rock Bible group to further cooperation between the two organisations.



In Macau, Marriage Encounter Association is a registered society eligible for partial Government funding. It is a very active organisation established about 8 years ago and its main function is to conduct ME Weekends. We were welcomed by the friendly and jovial members and treated us to a dinner in the restaurant.



We have the opportunity to visit the famous Ruins of St. Paul's Church. It was ten minutes walk away from the Cathedral and Bishop's Chancery. Mrs Anna Lee, a Committee member of the Laity Association and a trained tourist Guide, led the tour. We gained deeper knowledge of the history of the Ruins and the Catholic Church in Macau.

我们有机会参观著名的 “大三巴” 教堂遗迹,它只是离开主教座堂/主教公署十分钟步行而已。教友协进会干事李太太,本身是一位注册导游,带领我们参观,并详细解释它的历史背景及各种塑像,使到我们对古迹和澳门教会历史有更深的认识。

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