Monday, September 29, 2008

Dramatic taxi ride 德士惊魂

Before I share with you our journey my dear friends, I would like to share with you our (Lucas, my wife and I) dramatic ending part of our journey played out on the way home from airport.

After our arrival at LCCT from Macau at 11:30 pm, we claimed our luggage. I discovered one of our luggage was damaged. We made a claimed with Airasia, may be a new replacement will be given to us. This is our fifth luggage-damage claims, second with Airasia, the other three with MAS. This is no drama.

We boarded an airport taxi (Proton Wira). The driver was a Chinese and drove very fast. As we moved on, he was going faster and faster..... from 100 kph to 120 kph. As he took the Nilai-Putrajaya route, certain area was bumpy and curvy. He showed no sign of slowing down. The speed reaching 130 kph and still moving up....

"Taxi daiko, can you please slow down a bit.... about 100 kph please.." I said.

"I am rushing...."

"But you are driving too fast..even though you are rushing, safety is more important! "

" This is my normal driving speed..... you said I am driving too fast, that means you have no confidence in my driving.... I have been driving taxi for forty years (bull shit), never met any accident.."

"I don't mean that. I am not use to such high speed...."

" I took it as an insult to me. I normally drive faster than this. But with passengers, I slowed down... no one complained before except one auntie.

She said why I drive so fast... I told her where got fast... compare with the aeroplane you just sat, this is considered slow already. The aeroplane landing with speed of at least 300 kph, you are not frighten. I am driving at 120 kph and you are complaining.."

I smelt a psycho fellow is talking....

"you said I am driving fast and you are frightened, you are insulting me.."

"I don't... no insult.. I am sorry, I just no used to such speed..."

Not to agitate this mad man, I terminated the conversation. In my heart, I prayed for safety. Lucas was holding a statue of our Lady of Fatima which he bought in Macau, this gave me comfort.

The Taxi traveled at a constant 120 kph and we reached home safely.



我们乘搭机场一辆 Proton Wira 德士回家,司机是位华人,驾的很快。他的速度可说是越来越快,从一百上到一百二十公里。。。他是使用汝来布城路线,部分路面不平坦,而且有点弯曲。他没有慢下来,反而是更快,甚至上到一百三十。。。还会继续加快。。。

“司机大哥,你可以把速度降慢吗?一百左右可以吗?”, 我说。













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If Simon was frightened with the speed, I was even more considering that I will be screaming at my kids when they drove at 80/90km as I am a nervous-wreck. At one stage, I was even worried that he will stop at a secluded place and bash us up. I thank God for our safety.

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