Monday, September 29, 2008

The learning journey 学习之旅

The visit to Hong Kong and Macau was a journey of learning and discovery, the weather included.

On the eve of the journey (23-9-2008), learned from TV news that Hong Kong has issued typhoon warning level 8, strong wind and rain were expected. ( not much news on Macau). I was a little bit worry about the weather which may affect our flight and the ferry service from Macau to Hong Kong.

We were at the airport (LCCT) by 4 a.m. Our 6:30 a.m flight was delayed by almost one and a half hour. We arrived at Macau airport at about 12:30 noon. We were lucky the flight was not canceled because the typhoon warning was rescinded at 9:30 am, just hours before our arrival. We took a taxi to the Jetty for a ferry to Hong Kong.

Along the way, we saw the destruction of the typhoon which struck Macau the previous night. Fallen trees, broken signboards, many roads were closed due to severe flooding. Through the radio, we learned that this was the worst flood in fifteen years.

We arrived Hong Kong at 3:00 pm without incident.

Lost in Hong Kong street 迷失在香港街头?!


在启程的前一晚, 从电视新闻中知道香港已经挂起八号风球的警告,将会有大风和大雨。我 有点担心这会不会影响我们的班机和到香港的船班服务。





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