Monday, September 15, 2008

me not in Taiwan 我不在台湾

If I were in Taiwan during the visit of a group of Malaysian MPs, I must be the most embarrassed person on earth.

More than forty honourable Members of Parliament made a hushed up visit to a country without official diplomatic tie, hiding by days (avoiding media), locked in by nights (no communication), amidst some shameful reports (to collect RM50,000 is one of them), went to airport in darkness ( in 20 taxis), no welcoming, no farewell and sending off...... malu bangsa dan negara lah!

If a group of 40 MPs from any country coming to visit Felda in Pahang, the Federal Government will give a big welcome, roads will be decorated with colorful bantings and banners, the State Government will host big official dinner to welcome them. Their pictures will splash across all major newspapers.....

When I went to Taiwan to visit my church friends, I was welcomed at the airport by them with big welcoming banners and group photograph taken to show off.

If my Taiwanese friends asked me why like this one? I malu to say...... I also will go hiding.

Luckily I was not in Taiwan!


我国为数超过四十位的尊贵国会议员,在仓促的安排下,到台湾作农业考察。他们到一个和我国没有正式外交关系的国家访问,白天神出鬼没(躲避媒体),晚上闭关(没有通讯), 谣言满天飞(去收取五万元是其中一项),半夜静悄悄的离开酒店到机场(二十辆计程车), 没有欢迎,没有欢送,没有告别... 好像过街老鼠,真是丢人。

假如任何国家有一批四十人的国会议员到我国彭亨州的联邦土地发展计划地区(Felda) 考察,联邦政府会高规格接待欢迎,沿路高挂彩旗,州政府更会隆重的设宴款待。各大报章必定也头条报导。


假如我的台湾朋友问我为什么你们的尊贵国会议员会这模样的, 我会羞死了。。。我也会好像他们一样躲起来的。


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