Monday, September 1, 2008

RCIA weekend 成人慕道周末

On the National Day holiday weekend, I was in Port Dickson attending the four-language* RCIA facilitators retreat organised by the Archdiocesean Catechetical Commission

I was given the task to conduct the Mandarin session for the 15 Mandarin-speaking facilitators from four parishes. The theme of the retreat was " Journeying through the rites of RCIA" based on the church document [ The Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults ]. The main objective of the retreat was to lead the participants on a spiritually journey through the rites to re-discover the vision of the RCIA, and come to a greater awareness and appreciation of the rites of the RCIA.

It was a good retreat for my small group. A lot of sharing and interaction, warm and friendly.


我被奉派负责带动华文组的工作。总共有十五位来自四个堂区的华语推动员参加这次的退省。这次的退省主题为“走过成人慕道的 礼仪”,以教会的文件【成人慕道礼仪】为主要参考。退省的主要目的是带领参加者透过成人慕道礼仪,走一趟灵修旅程,重新体现成人慕道的愿景(vision),提高他们对成人慕道礼仪的了解及鉴赏。




不像是避静,倒好像是选美 !

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