Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Johor visitors 新山访客

This afternoon (Tuesday), I received four surprise visitors from Johor-Melaka Diocese.

They were Fr. Peter Ng, the Parish Priest of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bro. John Ng, Chairman of the Chinese Language Apostolate of Johor-Melaka Diocese, who was also the Editor of Qiao Liang, the diocesan Chinese periodical, and two other editorial board members, Mei Cui and Min Fang. They made a stop over in Kajang on the way going back to Johor Baru from Kuala Lumpur.

Fr. Peter Ng, who is also the Director of the Diocesan Office of Social Communication, was on visiting round to some parishes to promote their new publication fang zhou le yuan (Ark of Paradise), a monthly children magazine.

We have a warm meeting over Chinese tea which I brought back from my kampong in China. They left one and a half hour later to Melaka before heading home to Johor Baru.

I wish them all the best in their apostolic endeavour. God bless each of them good health and peace.


新山圣心主教座堂本堂黄来发神父,桥梁』主编、甲柔教区华文教务促进会主席黄文才兄弟,桥梁采编部佘美翠及罗敏芳姐妹,从吉隆坡回新山途中,在加影稍作停留,“莅临” 鄙人办公室,喝茶小聚。

黄神父也是甲柔教区社会传媒局主任,这次到来吉隆坡,拜访一些堂区负责人,为该教区新出版的儿童月刊 『方舟乐园』做宣传及订户推介。


谈了将近一个半小时后,他们就告辞, 启程前往马六甲,然后才取道回新山。



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