Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Leaving the nest x 2 离巢 x 2

Three more days before Elizabeth flying off to Scotland.

Three weeks ago, my son Jonathan received a posting notice. He is being posted to HSBC Kota Kinabalu Branch in Sabah and required to report for duty on the 22/9/2008. He is leaving for Sabah on 20-9-2008. Sabah is not far ( 2 1/2-hour flight) but we will not see him home during weekends as it is now.

My wife and I are feeling a little bit sad and will be missing them. Right now every one is busy packing and no time to think of how we will miss one another.

As parents, we are tired and exhausted, physically and emotionally. But to the two young fellows, they are looking forward to their new life in Scotland and Sabah with enthusiasm and expectations.

Looking back at myself when I was at their age, young and energetic, life was beautiful then. Full of excitement and challenges, living each day with hope and zeal. They must be feeling the same now.

I pray to God to watch over them and protect them, guide them in their new phase of life away from home and parents. Mother Mary, our Mother, be with them always.

In prayer and in the Holy Eucharist, we are always in union as a family.

还有三天,小女儿Elizabeth (淑倾)就要飞去苏格兰了。

约三个星期前,儿子 Jonathan 接到公司调派通知,被派到沙巴亚庇分行工作。他将在九月二十号启程飞往亚庇,然后在九月二十二号到公司履新。亚庇并不是很远(两个半小时机程),但他不能如现在般的在周末回家了。







Anthony said...


祝Elizabeth (淑倾)带着满满主恩,顺利完成她的学业,前途光明,届时衣锦还乡。

Simon Phun said...

awong, 我和太太就好象你夫妻俩一样吧!这是人生的道路吧。 谢谢你的祝福。

Pauline said...

I am emotionally on a roller coaster with the soon departure of Elizabeth and Jonathan. It's hard to express in words. My consolation is that my big Baby, Adeline is not far away from us and we see her at weekends. She'll get our biggest attention. Don't know whether it is good for her or not and hope she's not "running away" out of fear of the attention.