Monday, March 21, 2011

The beasts

The Western Coalition is a pack of Hyenas - ungly and savage beasts!

Under the hidden black hand of U.S, the UN authorized a No-fly Zone over Libya. No-fly Zone means "All foreign war planes can fly in Libya except the Libyan planes." And they can bomb and shoot whatever, whoever, whichever they want.

The Coalition is to provide "humanitarian support to the people of Libya" - which means they stop Gaddafi from killing his people, but allow the Coalition and the rebels to kill innocents and people loyal to Gaddafi.

Surprisingly, French President Sarkozy was so eager to take the lead, while declaring the formation of No-fly Zone over Libya, French war planes already on their way to attack Libyan targets. No surprise, the ever willing lap dog of U.S, the British followed close behind.

Maybe Sarkozy was eager to show his leadership and heroic guts not only to the American, but to his sweet and pretty wife too.

Muammar Gaddafi has been a mad and oppresive dictator tolerated by the West for the past 40 years or so. As late as 2007, Tony Blair, then British Prime Minister, visited Gaddafi in Libya and did a buddy buddy act at a desert tent. In 2009, British Government gained multi-million pounds of business deals with Gaddafi by releasing the Lockerbie bomber.

Many Western government gained billion of dollars by selling weapons and war planes to Gaddafi too.

The Coalition should first destroy Israeli air crafts and facilities which randomly sending air crafts and tanks to attack the Palestinian refugee camps.

They should also send a cruise missile each to Yemen, Bahrain and Syria too ... many protesters were killed by their own government.

Is the bombing helping the Libyan poeple? What are the real motives of the West?

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