Sunday, May 11, 2008

A brave lady 勇敢的妇人

Mrs Lee underwent a double knee replacement one and a half years ago at Gleneagles Hospital, a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur. She went through painful post-surgery physiotherapy. After two months, she has constant fever and walked in pain. The operation result was not as expected.

For more than a year after operation, she bore the pain silently. She was able to walk and travel but the pain was always there, even when she was sleeping. As the pain became more intense, she decided to seek treatment from a specialist at the government-run Putrajaya Hospital.

It was diagnosed that the artificial knees planted were out of size and ill fitted. The doctor recommended another operation to replace them. She was in a dilemma and a painful decision has to be made.

On 30th April, she underwent another operation to ratify the mistake done by the previous doctor at Gleneagles Hospital. The post-operation pain and suffering doubled the previous one.

But she bravely looking forward to many more years of active life. She is bearing the pain, suffering.....and stride! My wife and I have visited her last Friday. She was in good spirit. She was able to stand up and walk with the aid of a walker.

I wish this brave lady well and pray for her speedy recovery. Happy mother's day too.

**This is the operation that I have to decide to undergo in the near future (six months to one year.)


在 手术后的一年多里,她默默的忍受着这种痛苦。她能够走路,还可以去外旅行,但那种痛,还是常常的伴随她,包括在床上睡觉时。当她不再能忍受这种痛苦的时 候,她前往政府的布城医院求医。医生诊断她换上的人造膝盖骨,原来是尺码不对,与肌肉摩擦,所以会疼痛。医生说必须重做一次,换上相对的新膝盖骨。李太面 临一个痛苦的抉择。





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