Saturday, May 10, 2008

BBQ 烧烤会

Hardly have time to digest the food we took at Aifa's birthday party, we have to attend another function at 7:00pm.

We have 8 candidates from Chinese RCIA ( religion class for adults) baptised in Easter April. The newly baptised invited us, the RCIA facilitators and members, to a BBQ dinner tonight to celebrate the end of the ten months course and their baptism to become Catholics.

Worship and fellowship are equally important.


我们的的成人慕道班(专为成人传授天主教教义),共有八名慕道者在复活节领了洗。他们特地邀请我们慕道班的工作人员参加由他们主办的BBQ 烧烤会,以示庆祝十个月的慕道课程的结束,和他们成功的领受圣洗圣事,成为了天主教徒。


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