Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unbearable pain 不能忍受的痛

Boringly painful 隐闷的痛

A week of staying at home, I am already feeling bored for doing nothing. And a deep sense of pain surrounds me.

The pain is not from my operation but thinking of my old friend who are right now suffering and crying in a private nursing home in Kuala Lumpur.

My friend was brought back home by his children for Chinese New Year on evening of the eve of New Year.

I was so happy to visit him on the first day of New Year and promised to come visit again later. He told me "die die also not going back to the nursing home". He was happy and bright, giving Ang Pow to me, my wife and children too.

On the third day of New Year, a group of friends went to his house to vist him. They found the house was all locked up.... no one at home.

One of them called me and enquired whether he has gone back to the nursing home.

"Cannot be... so soon? He said die die also not going back too!"

I was thinking if the children wanted to send him back, could have let him stayed right after New Year holidays.... and allowed him to enjoy the joy of new year with family and friends...

Later my friend called me to confirmed that she has called the nursing home amd spoken to him. He was brought back by one of the children under the pretext that he was to collect all his belongings and will bring him home later.

He was cheated by her %@f#%b#% children.

He will never have the chance to leave this home alive !!!!

I visited him two days before my admission for my operation. As usual, he was crying ... crying ....and crying!!!!

The pain in my heart is more acute than my 8 inches wound.








他被自己的 &%#杂#@&种% 孩子骗了!





Mei said...

could you not take him out to our house for the weekends? At least he has something to look forward to - since you can't go over and visit him at the moment. Does he really need that much care that he has to be in a home?

Simon Phun said...

We have no problem taking care of him in our house...Mommy said can we take him to our home? but this will see many of his knife-welding children at our door steps.

Actually he can look after himself well..he is old and with some old aged problem like weak knees and forgetfullness but otherewise he is healthy, no pressure, no diabetic...He just need a person to watch over him...

Mei said...

Hm..if they don't wanna take him in, why should they have the right to say where he goes? Surely, they should instead feel embarrassed and not say a thing. Why can't they hire a day nurse/carer and just let him stay at home. Aish.

Unless, they're working so hard to be a millionaire and 'yau pun si' to be a millionaire, I don't see why they need to spend so much time trying to achieve...god knows what.

Simon Phun said...

They key word is "COMpassion". People lack of compassion towards loved ones, friends and neighbours. The world needs now not only Love, but Compassion too.