Monday, February 28, 2011

Grateful 感恩

Yesterday (Feb 28) I started my full session of physiotherapy at the hospital.

Besides many bending and lifting, the therapist also instructed me to do a cat walk ... walking without the aid of walker. I managed to walk normally for about 3 meters .

When I left my office on Friday Feb 18, I told my staff of my operation on Monday (Feb 21) and assured them would be in office the following Monday (Feb 28).

I was over optimistic then without giving it a serious thought that a knee replacement is a major operation involving other risks and complications.

Grateful thanks to God and the intercession of Mother Mary, and the prayer of many friends, I was at my office this afternoon after the physical therapy session!

Full recovery may take another 2 to 3 months. I still feel pain in the operated area and also due to weak muscles. I can bend my knee slightly more than 90 degree. The optimum is 130 degree

By the way, I noticed many are still not sure what a knee replacement is all about - change knee caps? putting in steel plates? tightening with screws? add in plastic parts?

My two X-ray of right knee (side view), before and after operation, hopefully will help many of you understand what is a knee replacement. Repetation of explaining what was wrong with my knee sometimes could be quite a frustrating experience.

Picture left is before operation (my original knee condition), almost bone rubbing bone ....

Picture right is after the operation with prosthesis parts fixed. Original knee cap (patella) is being used because it is still in good condition.







我注意到还有很多人对膝盖关节替代手术,还是一知半解 - 换膝盖?加上铁片?用螺丝上紧?置放塑胶片?




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