Monday, March 28, 2011

The mother of all moral scandals 所有道德丑闻之母

This afternoon, after my physiotherpy, my wife and I decided to have lunch at a coffee shop in Sg. Chua, Kajang. We ordered precooked mixed dishes with rice.

Next to our table, two young men were having lunch too. They talked very loud. And the young man facing me was so fouled mouth that every other sentence would mixed with three-letter mantra (slang for four-letter words).... They have been talking for more than 20 minutes... and added up easily with more than 100 fouled words... %$#..*&^, %%$, t#m, f@m.....

Bad manner, bad behaviour and sting. I wished his mouth rot and teeth decay.... (forgive me Oh God...).

However, compared with the Trio in "mother of all moral scandals", this young man is considered juvenile!

The Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) has described the recent emergence of a sex video as slander designed to humiliate Anwar Ibrahim (Opposition leader). In a statement signed by president Reverend Thomas Philips, the council urged the government to take swift action against 'Datuk T', the code-name used by three individuals who have admitted to being behind the release of the video.

The exposure of the video at this juncture, the council said, has made it the "mother of all moral scandals" perpetrated by titled personalities and so-called leaders. (Malaysiakini)

The sex video (see The Blue Monday at Carcosa Sri Negara ) was showed openly to invited journalists and politicians at a "private session" at Carcosa Sri Negara, a prestigious hotel formerly the residence of British High Commissioner, where many visiting kings and dignitaries, including Queen Elizabeth has been staying while making official visit to Malaysia.

In Malaysia, possession, showing and viewing of pornographic video, pictures and materials is a criminal offence.

The Trio have admitted they are responsible for keeping and showing of the pornographic video of a top opposition polictician having sex with a foreign prostitute. The filming were done with hidden cameras in a hotel room.

People are awaiting with eyes wide open to see what action is the Police going to take. So far Police has not taken any action but the de facto Minister of Law already voiced out that the trio can be protected under the Witness Protection Act and Whistleblower Act... what a great shame ! Must be an April Fool joke! The minister cannot differentiate a mouse from a cat ....

Whether Anwar is or is not the actor in the video, this morally corrupt, ethically bankrupt shamless trio must be brought to justice, and the forces behind them (the plot) be exposed. Shameful to a country so vigorously upholding the "good" religious values and practices.

I love Malaysia, my homeland. It is so colourful and disversify .... as advertised in 1Malaysia!!


在我们的隔壁台,两位年轻人也在那里用午餐。他们谈话很大声。面向着我的那位年轻人,口臭的很,几乎每隔一句话就加上一句三字经。他们大声不停的在那里谈了二十分钟,我大约加起来,至少有上百个三字经 。。。。%¥@,#%&,他#妈,丢X$,妈%& ......



马来西亚佛教,基督教,兴都教,锡克教及道教咨询公会(MCCBCHST)形容最近出现的色情录像,是为了羞辱反对党领袖安华的。在一篇由该会总会长签署的文告中,给公会吁请政府立刻采取行动,对付那自称拿督T 的三名人士,他们已经承认是公开这个色情录像带幕后推手。


这个录影带,是由三位幕后推手,公开给受邀到媒体及政治人物,在Corcasa Sri Negara 酒店,以“私人”方式放映的。

Corcasa Sri Negara 是一间高级酒店,前身是英国大使的官方住所。许多到访的国家元首,首长,包括英女皇,在对马来西亚做国事访问是,都下榻于这酒店。







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