Saturday, July 21, 2012

A holy day 圣洁的一天


It was a great and holy day in Grenoble.

Thanks to Julie's research, she brought us today to a pilgrimage sanctuary called Santuaire Notre Dame de La Salette, about 35 kms from Grenoble. (Apparition in English and Notre Dame de La Salette)

On 19 September 1846, Mother Mary appeared to 2 children who were looking after their cattle on a mountain 1800 meters above sea level in La Salette.

She implored the people to repent and returns to God.

After much controversies and in-depth investigation by the local church, it was officially approved worthy by the Bishop of Grenoble in 1851.

It is another lesser known apparition outside France. However, it is believed to be the second most important pilgrimage site after Lourdes in France. ( Lourdes's apparition is 12 years later than La Salette)

The sanctuary consists of a Basilica, Chapel, hotel, retreat houses and spaces for activities. Individuals or group can stay in the hotel and participate or organise spiritual activities.

The landscape to the sanctuary and view from top are breathtakingly magnificence. (see Facebook pictures)



谢谢茱莉的搜索,她今早带领我们到35公里外的山区,一个圣母显现的圣地朝圣。经过了弯曲的道路,大约两个小时后,抵达了这个称为 Santuaire Notre Dame de La Salette (喇沙烈圣母圣地)。

在1846年,圣母在这个海拔1800 米的山上,显现了给两位看守牛群的儿童。




这圣地在1800公尺的山上,共有一座大圣殿,小教堂,住宿的酒店及许多活动场地。(可看英文Notre Dame de La Salette) 。 因为不是闻名国际,所以只有法文及部分英文资料。



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