Friday, July 20, 2012

Grenoble 格若坡

The TGV train took us 3 hours from Parish to Grenoble, a southeastern French Alps town (about 570 kms by road) with beautiful mountains and rivers. The train ride was quite comfortable (much better than Eurostar) and passed through some beautiful landscape of farmlands.

It was the host city of 1968 Winter Olympic and also known as The Capital City of Alps.

Julie was in Aberdeen as an exchange student and befriended Elizabeth. She came to Malaysia 3 years ago and invited us to visit her in Grenoble whenever we can.

Julie welcomed us at the Grenoble rail station in the evening.

She put us at her grandma's apartment at the center of town with windows overlooking the mountains.

We had special cheese dinner at a restaurant in the town square. It was an experience of my lifetime!!

On second day, we walked around the town. It is clean and peaceful with many shops offering Summer sales.

We took cable car to the hill to enjoy the panoramic view of the town ... it is breathtakingly beautiful !!!

At night, we have dinner with Julie's mother Sophie. Gaelle, another friend came to Malayasia 3 years ago, joined us for dinner and have a great time together.

(Grenoble pictures Facebook 1)

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法国的TGV高速火车,以三个小时把我们载送到五百多公里外的Grenoble (格若坡)。火车相当的舒适,比我们从伦敦乘搭的Eurostar 好的多,沿途还看到美丽的农田风景。

Grenoble 位于法国东南部的阿尔比斯山地区,是1968年冬季奥林比克运动会的主办城市。它也被美称为『阿尔比斯山的首都』。


Julie (茱莉)曾参加过学生交换,到过阿伯丁就读一年,而认识了小女儿。三年前,她到过马来西亚旅游一个月,邀请我们到法国来拜访她。





晚上,我们与Julie 的妈妈共用晚餐。三年前也到过马来西亚的Gaelle,也到来一同用餐。大家有个很美好的时光。

(格若波照片Grenoble Facebook 1)

(格若波照片Grenoble Facebook 2)

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