Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye Europe 再见欧洲

Rare good weather in Aberdeen

After 2 days of resting, I shall continue to complete the story of our Le tour de Europe.

It was a veeee...ry enjoyable journey, but also very energy consuming. Despite all the good food and non-stop eating, I lost 3 kgs (same as to Pauline).

We bid goodbye to Julie on the morning of July 23 at the Grenoble train station and reaching Paris 3 hours later.

Waited for a few hours for the Eurostar to take us back to London St. Pancras station. Then to Heathrow Airport for a flight in the evening to Aberdeen.

We spent the whole of 23/7 traveling.

Resting, recuperating and packing for the next few days in Aberdeen.

On 26/7 Thursday, after bidding farewell to our wonderful Scottish "guai lou" daughter Amanda, we left for Glasgow for our flight home the next day (Friday). We will miss her very much.

At Glasgow Airport, we went through stringent security check. Surprisingly, we were directed straight to duty free shopping area, and then to boarding gate.... then to the plane.

No Immigration check !! (I am still wondering and recollecting, whether we have missed the check point!)

So ... Goodbye Scotland, goodbye Europe !

1. Facebook photos Aberdeen

2. Facebook photos Glasgow

The last night in Aberdeen 依依不舍的最后一晚







天下没有不散的宴席,26/7 星期四,我们向犹如女儿般的阿曼达Amanda道别,依依不舍的离开阿伯丁,到格拉斯哥住宿一夜,以便隔天乘搭班机回国。



1. Facebook 照片Aberdeen

2. Facebook 照片Glasgow

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