Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dresden 德斯登

Dresden may not be the most famous city in Germany, but surely has become my favourite.

The four days (22/6 - 25/6) in Dresden is part of our very enjoyable and memorable 2-week holidays of 3 families - The Wendlandts, Paeges and Phuns.

For the first time ever, my wife and I spent 2 weeks together with Dorit & Gerd Wendlandt, Angelika & Martin Paege. We went about seeing places, dining and drinking (coffee and beer) together, talking and laughing, enjoying one of the best ever holidays of our lives.

Dresden is beautiful, with many historic and majestic landmarks, new and old market squares, cosy cafe and restaurants, picturesque riverine settlements ....

But Dresden is also a city of blood, tears and tragedy.....

During the final months of World War II, Dresden was heavily bombed and destroyed by the Allied Forces. Many great landmarks were destroyed, with hundred thousands of casualty.

The resilient and courageous German accepted defeat, responsibilities and consequences, putting the past behind and rebuilt the city (and nation) from ashes after the war.

Today, I see a people and a nation walking tall and respected by the world.

Dresden is the best witness!

(Comparatively, unlike the German, the Japanese Government ( and politicians) are still fighting with the ghost of WWII, bending and manipulating history, toying with the Yasukuni Shrine to hurt the feelings of its former occupied countries .... they are not able to stand tall among nations despite its industrial and economical might.)

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Dorit & Gerd Wendlandt ; Angelika & Martin Paege

德斯登市(Dresden) 不是德国最著名的城市,但却是我喜好的城市。

四天的德斯登假期,是我们与德国的温特兰(Wendlandt) 夫妇及贝格(Paege) 夫妇共度的两个星期美好假期的一部分。









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