Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ruegen Island 吕根岛

Ruegen Island ( Insel Rügen) is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany. We were there from 27/6 to 30/6/2012.

I loved Ruegen Island because:

1. It is beautiful, quiet and peaceful.
2. It is a great island - with beautiful white chalk cliffs and geological formations, beautiful landscape with sandy beaches, beech forest, fields and rolling hills, beautiful flowers especially roses.
3. I am at home and welcomed in Ruegen Island - thanks to the hospitality of the Wendlandt family.

Ruegen Island is the birthplace of Gerd Wendlandt. He hailed from a family of 3 children. He shared with us many interesting childhood stories, the happy times with his parents and siblings, places he spent his childhood and adolescent years .... It is heart warming.

His elder brother and sister are still staying in Ruegen Island.

Gerd's only brother Reinhard, owner of a software company, and wife Marianne welcomed us warmly to their home, a comfortable white house at Putbus, the main town of Ruegen Island. It has a garden planted with fruit trees, vegetables, berries and beautiful flowers.... and giant rabbits kept by his son Stefan.

Putbus is famous for its roses, big and multicolor species.

Among the many great scenery, we visited the famous Jasmund National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the marvelous white chalk cliffs ( Königsstuhl ).

We also visited the Cape Arkona, and picked up quite a number pieces of flint stones as souvenir.

We have been walking a lot ...through forests and parks, to many places ... seeing many things and taken many pictures. Please follow the pictures in sequence to know more...

By and large, We have a wonderful and unforgettable holiday in Ruegen Island.

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1. 风景美丽,宁静及悠闲。
2. 这是个非常特别的岛,有着独特的白灰崖岸及地理构造,美丽的沙滩,白杨树林,牧场及起伏的山峦,迷人的花朵,特别是玫瑰花。





在许多迷人的景点中,我们去了著名的贾斯孟国家公园及其大自然的奇景 - 白灰涯岸。它是联合国教科文组织鉴定的世界遗产地点,




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读了你的旅游日记和相片,我也好像神游了那些地方。谢谢你 西满兄弟。---Agnes C

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