Friday, August 10, 2012

Concluding 完结篇

We left Ruegen Island for home ( Wendlandt's house in Kleinmachnow near Berlin ) on 29/6 morning by ferry.

We stopped by a town called Greifswald to visit Dorit's younger sister Christine who is a teacher. It has a beautiful town square.

It was school holiday, so she took this opportunity to show us her school ... and it was an eye opener for us.

The school is considered an old one and soon to be demolished. A new one would be built on same site (the school would be moved to a rented building temporary). But to us, its condition is 20 times better than our normal primary school at home.

We were impressed by its facilities, good learning environment and inspirational activities of students.

We made 2 more stops along the way - Gerd's office for him to pick up some documents and a factory outlet to buy sausages and salami.

When arrived home at Kleinmachnow, we were so happy to meet Claudia, who is on job secondment to Frankfurt. She was back for the weekend.

We have Chinese dinner at night.

The next morning, we left for Bonn. ( Already posted see To Bonn)

We returned to Kleinmachnow to stay another 2 more days, then bid farewell to Dorit and Gerd, thus concluded our most memorable journey in Germany.

With this post, it also concluded our 6 weeks holiday in Europe!

Thanks to everyone for your visit to my Blog and Facebook pages. I am grateful for all your interest, comments and sharing throughout the journey, you have made it more colourful and memorable.

Thank you.

(Pictures in Facebook)



途中,我们到一个叫 Greifswald 格雷斯瓦的市镇,拜访温特兰太太的妹妹葛丽丝婷,她是一名教师。




离开了这市镇,我们另外也停留在两个地点 - 温特兰先生的办公室,拿一些文件; 一间香肠厂的销售部,购买德国香肠。



隔天一早,我乘搭火车,到波昂去探望另几位德国朋友。(已上载帖子 去波昂




(Facebook 照片)

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