Sunday, July 1, 2012

To Bonn 到波昂去

At Berlin main train station

30/6/2012 Saturday.

We got up at 4:30 am today.

Dorit and Gerd Wendlandt already had breakfast ready by 5:00 am. We were leaving Berlin for Bonn by ICE (Inter City Express train) at 6:49 am.

They sent us to the train station … and practically right up to the train doorsteps to make sure we wait at the right position and got up to the right coach.

The train ride was comfortable, smooth and silent that a sneeze would wake up all passengers in a coach. The train was traveling at speed ranging between 150 km/h to 180 km/h, at certain stretch reaching 248 km/h.

It took almost 4.5 hours to reach Bonn, the former capital of Germany.

Our trip to Bonn, about 600 kms from Berlin, was to visit Pauline’s former colleague Mr. Heidenreich and his wife. They have not meet since Mr. Heidenrich left Kuala Lumpur 15 years ago for posting to other country.

Mr. Heidenrich is a career diplomat. He and my wife had a good working relationship during his tenure in Kuala Lumpur. He has been retired in 2004 and settled down in Bonn.

We met again after 15 long years... in Germany!

With Heidenrich in Dusseldorf (below)
Relaxing at his house in Bonn


我们的主人翁朋友温特兰夫妇在五点就把早餐准备好了。我们将从柏林乘搭早上6:49 的快速火车,到德国的前首都波昂。

他们亲自送我们到火车站 。。。更确实的说,是送到火车厢的门口,肯定我们上了正确的班车,找到正确的座位。

火车路程非常的舒适,平稳及安静,一人打喷嚏,几乎可以把整个车厢的乘车惊醒。火车上时速介于每小时150 至248公里之间。




15 年后,我们再次的见面了 。。。在德国土地上!

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