Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Edinnburgh 爱丁堡

There are few things tourists do in Edinburgh.

1. Visit Edinburgh castle
2. Walk the Royal Mile, where many historical buildings are located... and tourist attractions.
3. Check on the busiest shopping area around Princess Street.
4. After the above 3 must-do, visit more castles and tourist spots outside the city ....

We did the first three things, and the fourth one is not possible for us due to constraint of time.

Edinburgh is the second largest city of Scotland. It has many old (Medieval) buildings ... many old sand stone buildings, grand and beautiful. The city was listed as UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995.

However, you see one, you see all ... all about the same, row by row street by street ...

It was drizzling in the morning and weather turned better in the afternoon. We spent about 2 hours at the Edinburgh Castle, which is walking distance from the city center. Princess Street is the center where every public bus would pass by.

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1. 参观爱丁堡古堡。
2. 漫步“皇家街”-这里有着许多历史悠久的建筑物,也是吸引游客的景点。
3. 到市中心最繁忙的『公主街』购物中心 。
4. 除了以上三点必须做到的,然后到市区外参观更多的古堡及景点。







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