Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To Edinburgh 往爱丁堡去

Today we arrived at Edinburgh at about 7:30 pm after a 8-hour-240 miles drive (UK still using British measurement) from Isle of Skye, the most northern island of Scotland.

We were in Isle of Skye for 2 nights staying at a camping pod at a camp site fronting a lake. The site is fantastic but the weather is un-bearable ... rainy, very cold and winudy ( nighttime about 10 degree C). It has no WIFI, no hand phone signal ... rendered us in-incommunicado during our stay.

The natural scenery of the island is great, mostly rocky mountains and hills, and strong-waved seacoast.

We left the isle at about 10:30 am, making many rest and photo taking stops, driving through great landscape of Scotland, admiring the great beauty of nature along the way. ( All are Isle of Skye pictures)

我们今天在傍晚 7:30 pm 抵达爱丁堡。

我们是在早上10:30 am, 驾车离开苏格兰最北的岛屿领土Isle of Skye,经过了八个小时的路程,240 英里(应该还是沿用旧英里),才抵达目的地。

我们在Isle of Skye 住了两位,选择了露营方式小屋。这营地坐落在一个湖边,主要是租给露营车使用。这岛屿的风景非常的美,但是很冷,两天都下雨及刮大风,冷得有点难顶。(晚间温度大约十度左右)。这里也没有无线上网,手机电讯也没有,可谓是“音讯全无”。


我们在早上10:30 am 离开该岛,沿途经过美丽的国家公园山峦,多次停留休息及拍照,欣赏了苏格兰自然的风景。(全部是 小岛照片)

(more pictures would be uploaded to Facebook later .... 较后时,更多照片上载到面子书。。))

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