Friday, November 9, 2012

At random 随性

Rain comes usually during All Souls and All Saints Days (November 1 & 2)

We are experiencing wet weather since the beginning of November. Practically, it rains every afternoon. Many low lying areas in some states already inundated by overflowing rivers, thousands of residents have been moved to flood relief centers.

Since our return from Yunnan holidays, we hardly have rest .... being rainy, added more inconvenieces.

Today, we decided to take a breather at The Farm in the afternoon.

It was raining along the way but good sunshine before reaching The Farm.

We have few hours of relaxation with Andrew who kept us in stitches with his animated sharing of some peculiar behaviour of guests and visitors to The Farm.....(such as stealing flowers, fruits, even utensils ... asking or taking away potted plants and flowers ....)




今天下午,我们决定到庄园 The Farm作个小歇息。


我们度过了几个小时的轻松时光,加上Andrew 生动分享了到此一些客人的怪异行为,使到我们捧腹不已。 (如偷摘鲜花,水果,有些还偷窃用具。。。贪小便宜,向他讨盆花,植物等)

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