Friday, November 23, 2012

Malaysian Life 马来西亚见闻

Saw it along Balakong Road.

This is a mobile advertising lorry displaying a mattress …. but it looked like You Know What!!

Would you buy mattress of this brand ….. imagine you are lying on the mattress AND inside the lorry !

(see pictures on Facebook, another story -『 Boy, Girl and Friends』)


这是一辆广告罗里,展示着弹簧垫褥 。。。看起来好像是那个那个!!

你会买这个牌子的垫褥吗?想像看,你就躺在这块垫褥上 。。。是在罗里内!

(观看Facebook照片另一故事 - 『孩子与朋友』)

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