Thursday, November 1, 2012

KK visitors 亚庇的客人

Seated from left: Mary Ann, Cynthia Long and Sue Ann

Two days ago, Cynthia Loong of Kota Kinabalu came to Kajang to visit us in the morning.

She came to Kuala Lumpur about a month ago to visit her twin daughters, Sue Ann and Mary Ann who are staying in Petaling Jaya area.

Together with them were Sue Ann's two children, Damian (2 yrs) and baby Owen (3 months).

Dogs are best friends of children.

Damian were kept busy by my little dog, fishes and chicken.

They left in the afternoon after Satey lunch.


她来了吉隆坡将近一个月了。她是过来探望住在八打灵地区的两位孪生女儿,Sue Ann 及Mary Ann 。

一起同来的,还有Sue Ann 的两个孩子,Damian (两岁) 及 Owen(三个月)。

家里的小狗,还有鱼及小鸡,也够弄到Damian 忙得不亦乐乎。


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