Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Xiangcheng -Daocheng-Ya Ding 乡城-稻城-亚丁

Xiangcheng was the first town we stayed in Sichuan.

Majority of the inhabitants are Tibetan. They are mostly farmers and very friendly.

They are hardworking. They planted about 4 types of crops all year round. They have just harvested Wheat and Barley, immediately, they are tilting their lands for another crops, such as broad beans.

From Xiangcheng, we would proceed to Daocheng-Ya Ding Scene park.

As usual, we made many stops for pictures. The scenery along the route was fantastic!

1. See pictures in Facebook (Xiangcheng to Daocheng)

2. Daocheng to Ya Ding





我们仍然是行行,停停,拍照 。。。日出,日落。。。沿途风景美得很。

1.观看照片Facebook - 乡城到稻城

2. 稻城到亚丁

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