Thursday, November 15, 2012

A day in Bentong 文冬的一天

Tony  and Susan were up in KL for a week's holidays with their grandchildren, and also to visit Tony's siblings.

They were with us today for a "Jalan-Jalan, Makan-Makan" (In Malay, means sightseeing and feasting)  outing to Bentong. They have not been to Bentong before.

My wife and I brought them to places we have been and food that we liked.

Today's programme:

Arrived Bentong before noon, enjoyed the famous Bentong Häagen-Dazs - to Kow Po ice-cream palour.

Then Bukit Koman famous boiled duck .......

Tea at Lim Chee Keong's favourite coffee shop at Kg Perting New Village....

After tea, we made a short trip to introduce Tony and Susan to the beautiful Chamang waterfall

In the evening, we paid a visit to Fr. Andrew Gooi, the new Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Church. 

We have dinner at a restaurant before heading home to Kajang. 

We arrived home at about 9:00 pm .... 

We concluded a long long day by watching a hahahahahahahah laugh-me-to-death Rosmah singing a love song to her husband, Prime Minister Najib on Youtube (Click to laugh)

I slept slightly after midnight .... after chatting with Fr. Raymond Pereira on Facebook, who went daily to Sime Darby Medical Center to see the apparition of Mother Mary - a picture found on a glass panel. 

His sharing is moving and inspiring.   

(More pics in Facebook)

东尼及苏珊 (Tony and Susan) 上来吉隆坡度假,也一并探望他们的孙子及东尼的姐妹们。




中午之前抵达文冬,先去尝尝著名的『文冬冰淇淋』 - 球宝雪糕。



喝过了茶,我们特地带他们到美丽的Chamang 瀑布参观。虽然没有下水,但他们都被美丽的景观所吸引住了。



作为结束一日游,我们特地观赏了上载到Youtube, 首相夫人罗斯玛对他丈夫首相纳吉唱的一首情歌。 我们几乎给笑死了!!我想,以后我们再不会听这首歌了。。包括原唱者的。(观看捧腹录影Youtube)





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