Wednesday, April 3, 2013

美丽台湾处处情 (3) LAL Taiwan

A Sunday in Taichung.

10/3/2013 being Sunday, we went for morning Mass at St. Theresa Church, about 10 minutes walk from my hotel.

The parish has invited Fr.Kuo, former Deputy Chancellor of Fu Ren University in Taipei, to conduct a talk on Lent spirituality after Mass.

He was an animated speaker, speaking on The 8 Beatitudes. We enjoyed and  benefited from his 2-hour talk.

After lunch, I joined the Taichung Legion of Mary Comitium meeting.

In the evening, whole group of us went to viewing point on a hill for a good view of Taichung and its beautiful sunset.

It was a fulfilling day.

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10/3/2013 是星期天,我們到離開酒店大約十分鐘步行的水湳堂,参加主日弥撒。


主讲神师是前辅仁大学副校长郭维夏神父,主题是:真福八端 - 福音精神及纲要。






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