Thursday, April 4, 2013

美丽台湾处处情(4)LAL Taiwan

Unforgettable Chun Yang trip.

One of the most memorable trip in Taichung was our 3-day 2 night stay at Chun Yang Catholic church, exploring the beautiful scenic spots and experiencing the warm welcome extended to us by the parish priest and fellow legionaries.

Jing Zi, besides arranging our itinerary in Chun yang,she also invited her younger sister Jing Yi (Gin Yee) and Zu Rong,the Vice-President of BeiTou Curia to join us for the trip, adding more fun and thrill to the trip.

Chun Yang is a hill town populated by Seediq tribe. The tribe's heroic uprising against Japanese rule in 1930 has been made into a film The warriors of rainbow - Seediq Bale in 2011, receiving good review and won many prestigious film awards.(Japanese ruled Taiwan for almost 50 years)

The weather in Chun Yang was cooling with blue sky and fresh air. Fr. Nguyen Tai Son, Parish Priest of The Chinese Martyrs Church, and  Queen of Family Praesidium President Wang Mama warmly welcomed us to the hostel besides the church. 

Fr. Nguyen is from Vietnam, jovial and humorous, He is a member of Little Brothers of St. John the Baptist Congregation in Taiwan. The Order was founded in mainland China by a Spanish Priest, Rev. Vincent Lebe in 1928, and was moved to Taiwan when Communist took over the country.

Many parishes in Taichung Diocese are under the charge of the Order. 

On the night of our arrival, we were treated to a sumptuous dinner by local legionaries. "Cripspy chicken in a earthen pot" and "big head fish" were 2 of the famous local dishes on the table.

After dinner, we attended their weekly meeting.

When we arrived in the afternoon, we were told by the parish priest of the sad news that, one of the sons of Council Chairman Mr. Lim was killed in a freak accident early in the day. He fell from the first floor of their house.

We went for prayer at deceased's house after the meeting.

Early morning next day, we climbed out of our warm beds, to attend the 7.00 am Mass.

Wang Mama and Li Mama had prepared “sweet potatoes porridge" for us after Mass. We enjoyed it very much. (Mama is an endearing common term calling lady elders)

After breakfast, we started our "to the hill" journey.

Under the steady hands of our driver Jing Yi, our car moved along the winding  mountainous roads, enjoying the beautiful scenery and mountain view, reaching the highest point of Taiwan national roads "Wu Ling" Summit at 3275 meters.  

On the way, we made many stops, one of them was "Qing Jing Nong Chang" (Placid Farm).

It is a very big farm with rolling hills. Many sheep were let loose for visitors to play with.

We saw many couples taking bridal photo shoots.

With good company, beautiful weather, we enjoyed the outing very much. The journey was concluded with a hot-spring spa at Lu Shan in the late afternoon.

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