Friday, April 5, 2013

A Qing Ming joke 一则清明的笑话

Qing Ming is  a Chinese festival honouring the dead. It usually falls on April 4 or 5 of the Gregorian calender. 

Members of families will normally come together to visit the graves of ancestors and loved ones. 

They brought offerings - fruits, chicken, meats, cakes and flowers. Paper gold and silver, houses, cars, watches would be burnt for the departed. 

A Qing Ming story circulated on the net as follows:

Near Qing Ming festival, Mr. A went to the shop to buy paper offerings. He noticed a new product - iPhone.

"iPhone !? Our ancestors know how to use ?"

" Steven Jobs has already gone down to teach them, why worry!" retorted the boss.

So Mr. A bought a unit. 

"Buy a cover as well, it is wet down under". The boss reminded.

Mr. A bought a cover for the phone.

"Bluetooth headphone is necessary. No handphone talking while driving is strictly enforced."

So Mr. A bought a set of bluetooth as well.

"Don't forget the charger, it is very important. If your ancestor demand from you is not so bad, but what if he asks you to send down personally? then you are in big trouble!"

Mr. A quickly bought a charger without hesitation. 

Then he thought for a while, asked from the boss of his name card.

The boss asked for what?

Mr. A said:" I will burn your card together with the offerings, so that if any problem, my ancestors can contact you to go down for After Sales services."  


清明快到了,某人去買祭品,看到居然有纸糊的 iPhone 手机,有些不以為然:啊哈! iPhone 手机?老祖宗會用嗎?








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