Friday, April 5, 2013

美丽台湾处处情 (5) LAL Taiwan

On the third and the last day morning, we visited Chang Mama Studio a stone-throw away from the church.

Chang Mama, 80 years old, still hand make many Seediq tribal handicrafts.
Later, Fr. Nguyen brought us to Wu She (where the heroic uprising of Seedeq tribe taken place) for breakfast before leaving Chun Yang. We said goodbye to Fr. Nguyen and continued our journey to Mei Xi.

We met Fr. Ho, the Parish Priest of  Mei Xi Church of our Lady of the Hills. He shared about his pastoral works in the parish which covers a few outstation chapels.

The friendly Fr. Ho, also a Vietnamese from Little Brothers of St. John Baptist Congregation, invited us for tea and served us with Vietnamese Civet Cat Coffee。

The old church was destroyed during 2009 earthquake. The present new church was built a few years ago.

Bidding farewell to Jing Yi and Zhu Rong, we returned to Taichung in the evening, ending our unforgettable Chun Yang trip.

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